How Difficult are FOOTBALLERS Most INSANE VIRAL Moments?

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Kieran Brown

16 dager siden

I spent a week trying to re-create footballers most insane skills, how hard can they be?
football soccer recreation challenge. messi ronaldo neymar soccer tricks and skills.
Kieran Brown

Faiz Fairuz
Faiz Fairuz 3 timer siden
I think you should try using the same type of glass that Ronaldo uses, it shatters differently
Nevan Pradhana
Nevan Pradhana 5 timer siden
This guy is basically me, but much more cooler....
KingOfGlory 9 timer siden
Wait these are soccer players not Football players
Thomas Lea
Thomas Lea 10 timer siden
Do the Ronaldinho playing with the crossbar
Umer Mughthar
Umer Mughthar 11 timer siden
Hey bro Please replay to me.where is your house. Plz.plz.plz
JAY YT 12 timer siden
JAY YT 12 timer siden
JAY YT 12 timer siden
Cruz Jacobs
Cruz Jacobs 13 timer siden
Thankful I don’t have to clean up
shilpa reddy
shilpa reddy 15 timer siden
Hi Kieran which football do u use planning to buy one as my old one got a hole in it
Peler Goreng
Peler Goreng 15 timer siden
The question is, why you not play in Barcelona or Real Madrid or Juventus? Wkwkkw LoL
Kym Ian
Kym Ian 16 timer siden
In that glass attempt. Wouldn't it have been easier to place the tarp under the glass setup?
Jaky One
Jaky One 16 timer siden
Guess he can do it on a cold day in Stoke
Bergie 18 timer siden
Why didn’t you put the tarp under the glass? 😄
Toxin Games YT
Toxin Games YT 21 time siden
Ronaldo's glass holders were fixed and were not moving by the ball's force. But your glass holders were not fixed and were bouncing/flexible with the ball's force, so the glass observed some power and pushed your ball backwords.
thomas bergen
thomas bergen Dag siden
Try the glass one with a slightly less pumped up ball, there will be more energy transferred to the glass
Tobi 1
Tobi 1 Dag siden
iTs actUallY sOcEr NoT fOoT baLL
Joann Ireland
Joann Ireland Dag siden
1:24 what is the song
RevengeR Dag siden
Other glasses be like : Are you comedy me ?? 😂
Dark Horse
Dark Horse Dag siden
Kepa thing is really fucking fake! We see it
Satya Vamsi
Satya Vamsi Dag siden
Doing these in actual match is different
Yash Khandal
Yash Khandal Dag siden
Me at 0:30 Are BC abhi to khai thi abhi gir gayi
Rudy Libertini
Rudy Libertini Dag siden
It looks like you used tempered glass which is much tougher and designed to withstand impact before shattering. Try some ordinary annealed glass next time! Watch how you’re ball bends the glass and then the whole pane shatters at once, Ronaldo’s make a perfect hole where the ball goes through. Tempered glass will never do that so you will fail every time.
The Lebanese Tank
The Lebanese Tank Dag siden
At least shooting at the glass at the end is taking the chances of him shooting at his house window😂😂
tula lupa
tula lupa Dag siden
Really like your accent
Dennis Dag siden
The laser that Ronaldo needed to dodge is further away making it harder to aim accurately, the panes of glass Ronaldo used had so much more surface area therefore easier to break and probably not toughened glass and also basing what is CGI and what is not whether you can do it or not isn't really enough proof even if you are good you can't compare yourself to Neymar with that challenge. Messi and Suarez did the world record without dropping the ball once and Messi has done many things which make me believe he could do that bottle cap shot in a couple takes, even though it could be edited as well but it doesn't really matter to me personally. Overall pretty good video. Edit: okay I watched the Neymar clip again and it's very blurry but the trajectory he kicks the ball would make it impossible to run to the ball before it hits the ground but there is some wall in the background so I'm convinced that the only possible way he kicked the same ball in the net is if it bounced back from that wall. Edit2: okay that may have been a goal in the background and also it looks to be further away so it isn't real clip at all 😂
Sushant PVSK
Sushant PVSK Dag siden
The man's so down to earth. I love you @kieranbrown and you're doing it in such a weather
ACE OFFICIAL 2 dager siden
How disgusting🤮🤮 how you can touch your chewing gum with your shoes 🦶🦵it will go into our mouth 👄 but like your skills👏👏
Rodrigo Garcia
Rodrigo Garcia 2 dager siden
The fact is that ronaldo uses normal glass and you're using safety glas,(the one used in cars)and Ronaldo didnt break 3 layers, the glas did it itself, look at the slomo
Sheeja haridas
Sheeja haridas 2 dager siden
If in the glass chalenge accepted by hulk💥💥
ASHWIN YT 2 dager siden
Kalikkan ground polum illathavar like adi😌
ASHWIN YT 2 dager siden
Kalikkan ground polum illathavar like adi😌
Jakob Hmung
Jakob Hmung 2 dager siden
4:56 LOL 3 fingers ain't not 4! XD
nicolas gomez
nicolas gomez 2 dager siden
Try some Maradona stuff
Matt 2 dager siden
Gun is really poisonous to dogs I hope you didn’t leave those in the grass
VHG contras HANOI CLUB VN 2 dager siden
hi i am vietnamese, i am very happy and like your youtube channel KIERAN i like you very much
Random guy on YouTube
Random guy on YouTube 2 dager siden
See you in 7 years
Bernardo Buzzao
Bernardo Buzzao 2 dager siden
He is like "there's snow chance i can do this" all the time
Rusty Zero
Rusty Zero 2 dager siden
Doug, you can't even keep the ice cream machines at McDonald's working. You suck.
Elias Bargee
Elias Bargee 2 dager siden
The original glass clip is not safety glass. Also the glass is held way more solidly as where your setup flexes.
Stefan Hoffman
Stefan Hoffman 2 dager siden
There is absolutely no way the ball doesn't bounce off of the first sheet of glass. Getting a ball to go fast enough to smash 3 sheets of real glass would be hard to accomplish without destroying the ball. The viral video must have been sugar glass.
R3dNight 2 dager siden
Difícil, pero no imposible 😎
Ethan Yeh
Ethan Yeh 2 dager siden
what's the song at 1:25? sounds familiar
Jili Riba
Jili Riba 2 dager siden
4m views in 1 week yeah?
kage taro
kage taro 2 dager siden
So you purchased tempered or toughen glass when you should have got raw 4mm glass. Look at the glass shards they are different from when you hit the glass and the other glass from the viral video. The one from the viral video is long sharp shards yours will be tiny pieces that aren't sharp at all. With your power breaking a tempered piece of Glass there is a great chance at 4mm raw glass you can break more then 3 panes.
SPIDER GAMING 2 dager siden
gede yogam
gede yogam 2 dager siden
No ronaldinho ? I know his out of the league now but when he was at his peak almost no one can touch him not even messi or ronaldo
Tootery 2 dager siden
Love from #Tobchi
QT 2 dager siden
RISHI'S KNOWLEDGE 2 dager siden
Lerushen Mikeel Dandaraj
Lerushen Mikeel Dandaraj 2 dager siden
Why aren't you a soccer player right now
Jacob Yemoson
Jacob Yemoson 2 dager siden
The way your glass shatters makes me think it's the type of glass that's not helping and not necessarily the shot power
AYMAN HAYDAR 2 dager siden
Tiago Soares
Tiago Soares 2 dager siden
God u r such a waste of oxigen
Jassim Majeed Photography
Jassim Majeed Photography 2 dager siden
The problem with the Ronaldo shot is the glass you are using. The toughened glass Just shatters completely instead of breaking at the contact point. It absorbs all impact. The one in the Ronaldo video doesnt.
Eldevikzz _Gaming
Eldevikzz _Gaming 2 dager siden
Are you from norway ?
DBS Taxadda
DBS Taxadda 2 dager siden
sexy girl
sexy girl 2 dager siden
Oompa Loompa
Oompa Loompa 2 dager siden
I love the part where he kicks the ball
Anmol Singh
Anmol Singh 2 dager siden
egg S
egg S 2 dager siden
Wanna bes these days
Duane Knesek
Duane Knesek 3 dager siden
The bars holding the glass gave too much. That absorbed the shot. If they were sturdier then I bet he could have gotten to 2 or 3.
piraits esport
piraits esport 3 dager siden
Hats off for him and his team 😑😁
KidKareless 3 dager siden
you may have done the gum one but damn you dont got the chewing gum steez the pros got
Cheemtos 3 dager siden
I got four trick shots to do Holds up three fingers
Don’t Step On my Shoes
Don’t Step On my Shoes 3 dager siden
I don’t even like soccer but I’m still watching this vid. In my opinion football is better.
Gilead Iyer
Gilead Iyer 3 dager siden
“Heady snowfall on the pitch” 🤣🤣
Toxic Dragon
Toxic Dragon 3 dager siden
Dog in the background of the bottlecap trickshot 🐕 💩
VanNoah 3 dager siden
Looks like the ball was too hard. It was able to compress and expand before the glass shattered. With a slightly softer ball might let the ball bounce back slower letting the glass break. Before the ball bounces back
RICARDO FF 19 3 dager siden
Neymar representando o Brasilll. *!!!* . 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Christoph Hall
Christoph Hall 3 dager siden
No Ronaldinho. No like from me.
the king
the king 3 dager siden
I've been here since 20k and subbed at like 19.3 k live u bro keep it up
Literally Baiting You
Literally Baiting You 3 dager siden
Bro this blew up you’re getting so much doughh
Aidan Campbell
Aidan Campbell 3 dager siden
The chewy trick is gross 🤮
Ethan Blanco
Ethan Blanco 3 dager siden
The glass kick would be significantly easier and much more doable if the ball were a bit flat. As the more pressure the ball has on the inside from inflation, the bouncier the ball will be and will be more likely to bounce back a lot faster than slowing down and absorbing the energy of the impact and continuing through to the next pane of glass.
Chris Harkin
Chris Harkin 3 dager siden
Pretty sure Ronaldo didn't use toughened glass in his test
Felixsspelar 3 dager siden
Sverige är bäst
Ayatollah Abdulrahman
Ayatollah Abdulrahman 3 dager siden
I have done the glass one in a try it was easy why is it so hard for him and mine was 10 pound glass
Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman 3 dager siden
He wasn't using toughened safty glass by the way it shattered get 4mm normal glass and you should achieve it know worries. Its toughened for a reason that's why its used as car windows 🤣 good effort though
pulse gaming
pulse gaming 3 dager siden
What happen to your poor hands 😈
Amin Luthman
Amin Luthman 3 dager siden
Hey, i hope you make a video kick a football like faiz subri
MH MALOX 3 dager siden
I will become a football player inshallah.pls pray for me
MatthewXLY 3 dager siden
If you take air out of the ball instead of pumping it up, you may get through more sheets of glass. Physics and shit.
Zak Sproule
Zak Sproule 3 dager siden
you used the wrong type of glass! tempered is way stronger than what Ronaldo used
Krishnan Dwivedium
Krishnan Dwivedium 3 dager siden
Indian are hit without wearing a shoes
Olo Olo
Olo Olo 3 dager siden
Are you swedish?
blizardogutten 3 dager siden
Ronaldo did use fake glas btw
jgrimsta 3 dager siden
I remember we used to do the "Øzil one" when we were kids like 30 years ago lol
Alexander Demott
Alexander Demott 3 dager siden
Oh its not America
Zinia Chakraborty
Zinia Chakraborty 3 dager siden
Fun fact: No one is ronaldo Ronaldo is one and only....
Weenhar Mustafi
Weenhar Mustafi 3 dager siden
The neymar trick is hard but you gotta have pace(run fast)
deepanshu Kumar
deepanshu Kumar 3 dager siden
This video shows how skilled are professional footballers and why they're on the top
Lexy- GAMING 3 dager siden
Guys the ball is just a highly paid actor
Luka Wangia
Luka Wangia 3 dager siden
You Just got a new subscriber because of your dedication :D
20Nevin04 3 dager siden
I would like to see you doing the glass thing with China glass 😂😂
Dhiraz Paudel
Dhiraz Paudel 3 dager siden
Ozil chewing gum look classy and effortless
Hilario carbajal martel
Hilario carbajal martel 3 dager siden
the gum trick looks really hard and he did it in 4 tries round of applause
Ehtasham Haider
Ehtasham Haider 3 dager siden
Nyccc try.
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