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Azyskyy 3 timer siden
Carlitos is the best
Averie Garrison
Averie Garrison 3 timer siden
Hi there, I want to know if Episoketren System, will really work for me? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about this popular training course.
Faiz Fairuz
Faiz Fairuz 4 timer siden
I think you should try using the same type of glass that Ronaldo uses, it shatters differently
José Caro
José Caro 4 timer siden
En el 26 lo cagamos a baile xd
LuaN 0205
LuaN 0205 4 timer siden
CoolLOLGamer 5 timer siden
He likes his own videos 0:04
Leo Morris
Leo Morris 7 timer siden
Make a football out of security glass like so kieran can see!!
Nevan Pradhana
Nevan Pradhana 7 timer siden
This guy is basically me, but much more cooler....
FamilyPlayz V
FamilyPlayz V 7 timer siden
*Royal guards ride the train and kicks the guy who is playing socer*
Adnan Khan
Adnan Khan 9 timer siden
nature football ⚽ ground ❤️ I can play 180min match here 😂 alone 😉
Abhinav Singh
Abhinav Singh 9 timer siden
But doing those in matches is not easy
Rachel Martin
Rachel Martin 10 timer siden
keiren: i cant show you it becuase it said somthing bad 1 second before : shows it
Bonez 3rdWorld
Bonez 3rdWorld 11 timer siden
I think those balls are either ornaments or souvenir.
Bonez 3rdWorld
Bonez 3rdWorld 11 timer siden
I think those balls are either ornaments or souvenir.
KingOfGlory 11 timer siden
Wait these are soccer players not Football players
Thomas Lea
Thomas Lea 11 timer siden
Do the Ronaldinho playing with the crossbar
Luka Stojanovski
Luka Stojanovski 12 timer siden
bro you should tho this whit f2
Muhammad Ali Hassan
Muhammad Ali Hassan 12 timer siden
Lol In Football Match And In Practice Verry Big Difference
Dalia Haj Abdullah
Dalia Haj Abdullah 12 timer siden
jfsfbe b ugcg vh ccbve c vdb c gc cgec bg cvgbn cjc g
Elias Elias
Elias Elias 12 timer siden
Fun fact: He is a midfielder not an attacker
Fahd Abdullah
Fahd Abdullah 13 timer siden
Why does this guy look like he added one of those paint filters
Umer Mughthar
Umer Mughthar 13 timer siden
Hey bro Please replay to me.where is your house. Plz.plz.plz
Aakib S Muhammad
Aakib S Muhammad 13 timer siden
Serious rising shots over there
JAY YT 13 timer siden
JAY YT 13 timer siden
JAY YT 13 timer siden
Harish Raina
Harish Raina 14 timer siden
2:22 best part of the video 💛
MythicBabyGrogu Xx
MythicBabyGrogu Xx 14 timer siden
Kieran Brown:Ez peasy Me who can’t do 5 kick ups in 10 tries:👁👄👁
Cruz Jacobs
Cruz Jacobs 14 timer siden
Thankful I don’t have to clean up
Dashy rays
Dashy rays 16 timer siden
1:25 bird: "hello youtube AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"
shilpa reddy
shilpa reddy 16 timer siden
Hi Kieran which football do u use planning to buy one as my old one got a hole in it
Peler Goreng
Peler Goreng 16 timer siden
The question is, why you not play in Barcelona or Real Madrid or Juventus? Wkwkkw LoL
Munmun Mandal
Munmun Mandal 17 timer siden
That is why he is messi
Kym Ian
Kym Ian 17 timer siden
In that glass attempt. Wouldn't it have been easier to place the tarp under the glass setup?
Bossܔ AᎫ࿐
Bossܔ AᎫ࿐ 17 timer siden
❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Jaky One
Jaky One 17 timer siden
Guess he can do it on a cold day in Stoke
Muhammad Faisal Alghifari
Muhammad Faisal Alghifari 17 timer siden
Why we must play this game if we can play outside ??😂
ItsMarcLand 18 timer siden
I dont like it I love it
Asiunia24021992 19 timer siden
What do you think of increase your soccer skills with Episoketren System? I see lots of people keep on talking about Episoketren System.
SAM YT 19 timer siden
Watching after the 8 years 😂😂😂😂
HAJI RAMADHAN 19 timer siden
that's dedication right there. hat's of brother
Bergie 19 timer siden
Why didn’t you put the tarp under the glass? 😄
Alvi The gamer
Alvi The gamer 20 timer siden
6:37 😮😮😮
Vegito San
Vegito San 20 timer siden
Title fake Messi auto disliked and reported
Kasun Kuku
Kasun Kuku 21 time siden
That’s such a green football
Christus Sunny
Christus Sunny 21 time siden
Was that f2 freestylers
Nayeba Nawab
Nayeba Nawab 22 timer siden
Barcelona phone is more amazing than Kieran!!!! Lol
Farel Ferdinand
Farel Ferdinand 22 timer siden
Insecure 01:13
Toxin Games YT
Toxin Games YT 23 timer siden
Ronaldo's glass holders were fixed and were not moving by the ball's force. But your glass holders were not fixed and were bouncing/flexible with the ball's force, so the glass observed some power and pushed your ball backwords.
Denoodler D
Denoodler D 23 timer siden
All those penalties at the end should've been retaken he's not on his line for any of them
Vicky Blaze
Vicky Blaze 23 timer siden
Kalika Priyadarshini
Kalika Priyadarshini 23 timer siden
big defrence between them
Alex Reeves
Alex Reeves Dag siden
Those looked real unlike edits
Sam The Creator
Sam The Creator Dag siden
He lowkey looks like Zayn Malik
Muhammed v.v
Muhammed v.v Dag siden
Tristan Fredirckson
Tristan Fredirckson Dag siden
Imagine how many balls he would find if he cutdown the bushes.
thomas bergen
thomas bergen Dag siden
Try the glass one with a slightly less pumped up ball, there will be more energy transferred to the glass
Tobi 1
Tobi 1 Dag siden
iTs actUallY sOcEr NoT fOoT baLL
boosie 4l
boosie 4l Dag siden
Everybody gangsta till a pro footballer pull up
Joann Ireland
Joann Ireland Dag siden
1:24 what is the song
Branislav Barna
Branislav Barna Dag siden
What a out vicicle kick
Best Ha
Best Ha Dag siden
I'm sorry for not getting any younger sister is going well with the entire life is a little while longer and more importantly how much is that what you're talking bout me know what I can see you in my room is the first place I was in my room
Josh Hazley
Josh Hazley Dag siden
How much did you get it for?
Ir's a shame FIFA don't team up with Football Manager and convert their stats. FIFA's own stats aren't every accurate for any players that don't play in the top tiers because their main business model is focused around FUT. No one in FUT plays with any players that aren't rated under 80
Sarge Dag siden
Those shot are incredible
Damasek 219
Damasek 219 Dag siden
Mbappe did 5 sec run with a ball but it was on the grass. That's a lot easier because you can controll the ball so much easier. It is very bouncy on the tarmac.
RevengeR Dag siden
Other glasses be like : Are you comedy me ?? 😂
Damian Ben
Damian Ben Dag siden
there is no oblak but kep on this thumbnail
Destroy Skater
Destroy Skater Dag siden
I got a scorpion kick In a couple of practice matches it was sick but my coach was fuming the got it in a game help me get the ball away form the defender and was also and awesome way to control the ball also got yelled at it for it , I did a drop kick ref gave me a talking to and coach almost beached me I hit upper 90 and I got a assist form it
Dark Horse
Dark Horse Dag siden
Kepa thing is really fucking fake! We see it
Sarbojit Naskar
Sarbojit Naskar Dag siden
Hulk wants to take this challenge. Keiran, get your property papers ready
Beat Dag siden
Ronaldo just watching this like: wait what
Simona Nectarie
Simona Nectarie Dag siden
Cool video
Mateus Felipe
Mateus Felipe Dag siden
Eu não consigo bater né 40 embaixadinha em pé o cara faz isso de muleta. do cacete. ( Eu sei que não é um idoso )
Monoranjan Ghosh
Monoranjan Ghosh Dag siden
I love the location ❤️
Gabriela Robles
Gabriela Robles Dag siden
He curved the ball with his hand when there was no one blocking
nour khalifa
nour khalifa Dag siden
Ball is life🏀🏀
WhitE EyE GaminG
WhitE EyE GaminG Dag siden
he earn 37k [indian rupees] till 7:07 of the video
Death Dealer
Death Dealer Dag siden
3:20 nop ... doesn't count .. 😑👎
Satya Vamsi
Satya Vamsi Dag siden
Doing these in actual match is different